TUFF Carpet Cleaning


Cleaning Solutions

Choose the cleaning solution that is right for your needs. Other companies may choose to use less expensive cleaning products with harsh chemicals, but we offer a range of cleaning services that are clean and green and safe for your family, your pets, and your fine fabrics.

Certified Technicians

Our technicians are certified by all major organizations in the cleaning industry and meet the highest possible standards. Our full-time, certified technicians are trained to handle all types of fibres, hard surfaces, soiling conditions, and cleaning methods.

Up-Front Pricing

TUFF Carpet Cleaning makes it easy to get an immediate online quote or book an appointment for home cleaning services. You can get an immediate up-front no-obligation online quote to make a determination on the estimated costs for the service.


Carpet Cleaning

The beauty and life of your carpet depends on the care it receives. Special attention to spots, heavy traffic areas, pet stains and odor. Now it’s time to roll around on the carpet with your family and pets!

Carpeting at the office deserves to be clean and hygienic as well. Get a quote today!

The TUFF Process

Our courteous, uniformed, full-time certified technicians arrive on time, in clean, TUFF vans, ready to provide you with outstanding professional service.
We set up floor mats and corner guards to protect your home.
Small light furniture like sofa, love seat, arm chair and dining chairs are moved forward a few feet to clean under it. Other furniture we will edge clean as close to it as safely possible.
Your fine fabrics are dry soil extracted and thoroughly vacuumed.
We apply a safe and environmentally-friendly conditioner to your fabrics to suspend soil and residue.
Highly soiled fabric area is then agitated
Difficult spots and stains are treated, as needed.
Your fabrics are then flushed and rinsed. Our TUFF van provides fresh water for cleaning and rinsing fabrics.
The water, along with all loosened soils, dirt and grime, is extracted immediately to a separate recovery tank, leaving clean, residue-free, fluffy fabrics.
Air movers and fans are used to shorten drying times.


We offer detailed upholstery cleaning using a similar TUFF carpet cleaning process. Our powerful equipment extracts deep stains and odors without damaging delicate fibers. Who needs new furniture when you have TUFF! We can deep clean your cars’ fabric upholstery as well.

floor care

Tile, Wood & Other Flooring

Different types of flooring have vastly different care needs. Consider TUFF as your expert in caring for your floor and extending its life and beauty. Get in touch with TUFF so that one of our experts can come to your home or business and evaluate how we can help.

Pressure Washing

Is your brick or concrete stained by mildew? We can blast it away and make it look new. Do you have unsightly streaks on your roof? We can clean that too. Is your deck or fence discoloured? We can make the wood look fresh and new and seal it to keep it protected.


Your Office Deserves to Shine

TUFF Carpet Cleaning will help you by customizing a maintenance program that will not only get your flooring clean, but maintain that appearance for the life of your flooring.